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My research led me to perform actions that call into scene images known to all. These popular images or mythical figures are revised, reassembled and diverted. Passing of Michael Jackson POP singer to artist Damien Hirst, these characters are mainly chosen for their costumes, which offer great potential, once endorsed. For the costume, I pushed. Each project carries me on land to explore, I have to find the appropriate attire. Every place is decorated to invest, every spectator is given unexpected tables. Everyone must bend the game to receive my attitude that falls at the same time, entertainment, humor and discomfort. The actions are performed with the aim of producing new images, which in turn may be revised, represented and reused.

My work takes the form of performances, videos, photographs, installations, and any other medium called for by each project. The focus of each work remains my presence, however, my thoughts are advantages over all that is stored in a collective memory that generates a series of icons, scenes, images.

I play the card of spectacular light and entertaining lightness to offer viewers a wider public often eclectic, seductive first approach. Like a Trojan horse, when villagers keep them down and play the nice present, my work can be deployed on several levels and thus settle into their heads and act on perceptions or memories that we thought immutable.

The critical aspect of my practice is undeniable. However, I have the strong impression that every move involves both a huge admiration for these images so strong that cross borders and time, but both are far from perfect and often participate in a system highly questionable.

The concept of pleasure leads me and feeds me for years since it constantly confronts us with the inevitable contradictions. If everything is never either all black or all white, it is certainly not all golden ...


Thierry Marceau raised in Oka. He completed a master's degree in visual and media arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal. His work performance, video, photography and installation even carbide collective memory, popular images, strong characters, costumes, performances ... You may have noticed if you were to VIVA! Art + Action in 2006 and 2009, the Clark center or ElvisFest Brantford in 2007, the Plaza Theatre, the Galerie de l'UQAM or Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2008, the funeral of Michael Jackson in LA in 2009, the M: ST Calgary in 2010, the visual arts Gala in 2011 or realizing the first performative 1% project at 2-22 (2012-2016). * It is possible that you have seen in many other places.

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